Click on venue listing in the the lefthand sidebar.

In the 'Profile' section, you'll see your venue's basic information – name, address, and description. 

To add a description, simply start typing!

Some important things to remember when writing your venue description:

  • Spelling and grammar are important! Run your description through spellcheck, or a free site such as Grammarly, to ensure everything looks correct. 
  • Don't include your venue's phone number or email address.
  • Add the information that you would want to know as a customer. What is going to be most useful to those interested in your space for a particular event type? 
  • Avoid statements like, 'This venue is perfect for all events.' What's more useful is: 'great for cocktail-style corporate events, or exclusive celebrations.' Be specific! 
  • We recommend writing in the third person. For example: 'Our venue has a large function room' becomes 'The venue has a large function room.'
  • There's no need to list too many facility features, as we have a feature on our site that displays this information.

You will also need to add a description for each function space at your venue. To add a space description, click 'Function Spaces,' select the appropriate space and start typing!

When you're finished, click save. 

The copy will be submitted to our Content Team, who will double check the spelling and grammar, and they'll update it on your listing asap. 

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