Improving one's booking rate and conversions is like measuring a piece of string. Every venue is different, every event is unique, and just about every venue's offerings will be its own version of unique, tailored, and bespoke. 

There are a few things though, that we can always recommend as best practices. 

Respond quickly

We're always harping on about responding quickly, but that's because it's super important. 

Venuemob customers generally send enquiries to about three or four venues per event that they organise. If you respond within four to eight hours of receiving that enquiry, you're four times more likely to book the event than a team that takes more than 24 hours to respond. Simple as that. 

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Provide all vital information immediately

Even if you don't have all of the customer's information or requirements, and even if you're waiting to hear if their date is flexible, let them know what your venue can offer. 

Rather than waiting to hear back with a "Yes, my date is flexible", send over the potential packages and menu options your venue can offer. 

Always follow up

This one is definitely a given, but it's worth repeating. Always follow up, with a message via Venuemob Manager and via phone. 

A top recommendation from our Venue Bookings team is to fill your follow-ups with more than "How did you go with that proposal?" – rather, invite the customer to visit the venue, or invite them for a tasting session. If an afternoon of menu samples results in a $10K function booking, that's an afternoon well spent!

Update your availability

The availability feature in Venuemob Manager allows customers to see if the space they wish to book is available, or unavailable. 

The availability calendar serves a couple of purposes. Firstly, it further weeds out those unqualified leads. Marking a space as unavailable on the last two Saturdays in November will weed out those enquiries wishing to book for those nights. However, because of the way the availability calendar is displayed in the search results page, in this instance the customer would see their initial date is occupied, but the following Saturday is free. Marking a space as available not only boosts your venue in our search results, it's also a flag to customers that your space is free, and ready to book.

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Add an offer

In our experience, booking perks like a glass of sparkling on arrival or a slight package upgrade doesn't generally result in a customer choosing one venue over another. 

What does motivate customers to enquire and book though, is a dollar amount or percentage off an event's total spend. We've added Offers – discounts of 20% or more, or $1000 off the total spend of an event. 

Of course, you'll be able to specify if there's a minimum spend or pax requirement for the discount to take effect. You can make the offer seasonal (eg EOFY offers) or entirely customised.

We've found that these last-minute offers have been incredibly effective in the lead-up to the end of year event season.

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Add customer reviews

Have you received some particularly glowing feedback recently? Submit your customer reviews to be published on your listing. 

As with any product or service, genuine positive reviews are a great way to demonstrate the exemplary service you provide.

The process is simple: submit your reviews via this typeform, and a member of our team will proofread the review (just to pick out spelling mistakes etc), and then publish onto your listing.

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