Track your enquiries using the seven different status types to keep track of where each enquiry is at. 

It's also vital to keep your enquiry statuses up to date in order to avoid pesky confirmation emails once the event date passes, and to ensure you're being invoiced correctly.

Our invoicing system interacts with these statuses, so it is very important you set the correct status in a timely manner.


Indicates a fresh enquiry has arrived in your inbox, and has not been opened.


The customer informs they've changed their mind or do not wish to proceed. Select this status when you're unsure if the customer does not wish to proceed with their booking at your venue because the event itself is not going ahead.

Not Booked

Select this option as soon as you confirm that the customer has not booked with your venue. This status will be automatically triggered when the customer confirms their event booking with another venue (customers tend to enquire with at least three venues per event). Ensure this status is set before the event date lapses so you do not receive an invoice for this enquiry, or any pesky reminder emails.


Select this status as soon as the customer confirms their business with you! Ensure this status is set before the date of the event. If an event is marked as 'booked', you will be prompted via email to confirm the event spend and total attendees. We check in with the customer as well. 

Awaiting Customer Response

This status will be automatically triggered when the venue sends the customer a piece of correspondence. 

Awaiting Venue Response

This status will be automatically triggered when the customer sends the venue a piece of correspondence.


This is for all unconfirmed/pending enquiries. 

What about after the event? Can I still update it? 

After the event date passes, we send you an email prompting you to confirm whether the event went ahead or not. We also check in with the customer. 

When you log into Venuemob Manager, you'll see a pop-up that lists the events that are currently unconfirmed by you. Follow the prompts to head to the confirmation page and update these enquiries. 

Again, it's vital that you confirm whether or not events were booked at your venue(s), in order to be invoiced correctly

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