Where's the customer's email address?

Venuemob Manager has an in-built messaging platform, allowing you to message the customer directly and keep track of all correspondence in a central location. 

You do not have access to the client's direct email address.

Why don't I have access to the customer's email address?

Enquiries and responses come through Venuemob Manager so we can keep track of response rates, offer venues accurate reporting tools, and offer assistance to both venues and customers when time is of the essence. 

We have a dedicated team of booking agents at Venuemob, on hand to follow-up with venues when a customer is in need of an extra prompt response, or if their enquiries are left unanswered for an extended period. 

If you request that the customer sends you their email address, it will be starred out.

So how do I email the customer? 

You can respond to the customer in a number of ways. 

  • Using the Venuemob Manager messenger
  • By clicking respond to enquiry in the notification email
  • By pressing 'reveal phone number' to see the customer number (this is also counted as a 'response' in our system)

Where's the customer's phone number?

To maximise the chance of booking events, we encourage all venue partners to call the customer as soon as the enquiry is received. 

If you want to chat to the customer directly, you can find their phone number in Venuemob Manager. 

Once you log into Venuemob Manager, navigate to 'Enquiries' and click on the enquiry to see more details.

In the top left hand corner of the enquiry, you'll see the customer's name, and Reveal Phone Number. Click here to show the customer's number.

 The quicker you respond, the better your chances of booking the event. 

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