The invoicing process is set in motion after the date of an event has passed. It's important that you keep your event statuses up to date (switching them to 'booked' or 'not booked'). 

If the status is unconfirmed, you'll receive a confirmation email after the event date. We check with the customer, and we need to verify with you and the team at your venue also.

You'll receive three reminder emails, and you have 10 days to respond. If we hear from the customer and they say the event was booked, we'll invoice you even if we haven't received confirmation from you

Aside from all of the other reasons to update your status (click the link below for more of that!), you'll avoid pesky reminder emails if you keep your event statuses up to date. 

Find out more about how to update the status of your enquiry.

If the event was booked: 

  • You'll have 10 days from the event date to confirm whether the event went ahead (if it hasn't already been updated to 'booked'!).  
  • We confirm attendee numbers and the total spend. 
  • We check with the customer too!
  • We then invoice you for 10%. If you have direct debit set up, 10% of the spend will be debited. 
  • A small portion of our venue partners are on an older $3 per head agreement. If this is stated on your service agreement, you'll be invoiced for $3 per attendee. Find out how to update to 10% agreement.

What if you have an invoicing dispute?

Where does one find their service agreement?

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