When a venue signs up to be a Venuemob partner, they'll have signed a service agreement. Since we've been around for a few years now, these have evolved a little over the years. 

Original venue partners will have paid a fee, received complimentary venue photography, and will have agreed to a $3 per head commission structure. 

The vast majority of more recent Venuemob venue partners will be on a 10% commission model. That's 10% of the entire event spend. 

Note: Venuemob does not have any annual listing fees at all. 

We'll soon be adding a 'billing' section to Venuemob Manager, including details of your Venuemob service agreement. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to take a look at your service agreement please email venues@venuemob.com.au. 

If you'd like to update your commission model, you can also do so by emailing venues@venuemob.com.au. 

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