If you've received an invoice for an incorrect amount or for an event that did not go ahead, email finance@venuemob.com.au. 

When the Venuemob finance team receives your dispute, we need to check in with the customer to verify, and then the venue. 

This process may take a few days, so please be patient.

This depends on a number of criteria, including how quickly we get a hold of the customer. If we don't hear back from the customer in 14 days, we revoke the invoice. 

Make sure you don't get invoiced incorrectly!

To avoid incorrect invoicing, remember to update the status of each event, and to action each confirmation email that's sent to you and your team. 

That's how we invoice venues, and how we determine the amount. 

After an enquiry's event date has passed and it hasn't been updated as booked or not booked, we email you to confirm whether it went ahead or not. 

We also check with the customer. 

You have two weeks to confirm whether the event went ahead. Again, we also check with the customer. If they customer has marked the event as 'booked' and we haven't heard from your team, we invoice you. 

It's vital that you confirm whether or not events go ahead! Aside from avoiding annoying invoices, there are perks for venues who respond consistently and promptly.  

Invoicing dispute? Email finance@venuemob.com.au. 

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