Venuemob strives to provide customers with the best possible service. It’s vital that our venue partners are positively and actively contributing to this service. Happy customers mean more bookings!

Venuemob’s marketplace standards have been set up to ensure our customers return to Venuemob again and again to book their events.

Our Marketplace Standards

  • All bookings generated via Venuemob services must be processed through our platform. Actions taken to direct Venuemob customers off our platform are not permitted. This includes asking for personal email addresses, prompting customers to email your team directly, and directing customers to your own website from your listing.
  • You must maintain a 75%+ response rate. Your response rate is the percentage of new enquiries that you respond to (either through messages, or updating that enquiry’s confirmation status) within 24 hours. Venues that respond to customers in under 24 hours are 80% more likely to convert an enquiry into a booking.
  • You must keep your content up to date and complete. Using Venuemob Manager, monitor your Content Quality Score (CQS). This score measures the completeness of your listing – and as a result, how likely customers are to book your venue. The following contribute to your CQS: having at least four photos per space, at least five FAQs, at least one PDF attachment, venue description and space facilities and features.

What happens if I don’t meet these standards?

Venuemob will warn venues that don’t comply with one or more of the above standards. After two warnings, our team will review the venue and make an assessment about their place on our platform. 

That said – we’re here to help, and we want every venue to succeed on Venuemob. Contact our team to chat via

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