When using Venuemob, your contact details will only be available to staff members working to help plan your event, and find your perfect venue. 

The Venue

When you have enquired with a venue, the staff at your selected venue will complete all correspondence through the Venuemob Manager platform. Messages from the venue will go directly to your selected email address. 

If the venue would like to call you, they can request your phone number within the platform.

To ensure the safety and security of your details, only select staff members who have access to the Venuemob Manager dashboard will be able to contact you. Venue staff will not have direct access to your details, your email address will be masked and they will only be able to email you via the Venuemob Manager platform.

The Venuemob team

Because we want you to find the perfect venue, and have a positive experience booking your event with Venuemob, we also have access to contact details of all customers who send an enquiry through Venuemob. 

If your selected venue does not respond to an enquiry within 24 hours, the internal Venue Booking team will contact the venue on your behalf, and prompt them to respond. 

For your own security, customer contact details will only be used in correspondence regarding your venue booking. 

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