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Every time you submit an enquiry via Venuemob, it goes straight to the venue.

When venues list with Venuemob, they must supply details such as their contact number and email address. We use this email address as the recipient for any enquiry submitted to that venue via Venuemob. So, when you click 'Enquire', a message is sent directly to the inbox of the venue contact. They will receive a generic enquiry with the basic details of your event, plus any message you wish to add.

Often, this contact is the dedicated functions manager at that venue. So, your message is going to the right person.

The venue contact will have access to your enquiry, and your phone number (as submitted by you). The email address you used to sign up to Venuemob will be masked, so the venue is unable to personally email you. (You will receive a notification to your personal email when you receive a response). Every response submitted by the venue, and you, the customer, will be saved in Venuemob. You'll be able to view your entire conversation history.

Haven't heard anything, and worried your message has been lost? 

Our crack team of tech experts monitor the flow of information between venues and customers. For any message that fails to arrive, or bounces back, our team receive a notification and we investigate further. In this rare instance, we would contact the customer or the venue to confirm details.

There are also a number of processes in place to ensure venues are responsive. These include: email prompts, SMS notifications and calls from members of our Venues Booking Team.

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