Short answer: Yes, absolutely! You can definitely still manage the venue sourcing process if you wish. 

Longer answer: Our Venue Bookings and Corporate Business Development teams work with a huge range of clients, in differently sized teams, collaborating on a huge range of different corporate events and programs. 

As such, we know that each team and each client will work in a slightly different way, preferring a different level of control over the venue sourcing process. 

Our team is here to help in whatever way will suit you best. 

If you'd like to communicate with the venues regarding your event requirements and options, that's great. And if you'd like to continue searching for venues even after having touched base with a member of the Venuemob team, that's great too! 

You know your style and taste better than anyone – events are incredibly subjective beast, and we know how personal choosing the 'perfect' space can be. 

Just head to Venuemob to continue your search, and to continue sending enquiries to venues. Your contact details remain in our system, so those venues will be added to your list without you lifting a finger. 

And if you'd like our team to compile proposals from venues and to handle communication with the teams at each venue on behalf of your corporate event or program, that's 100% a-okay too! Our Venuemob Business Events process is as flexible as you – our clients – need it to be.

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