After you've browsed through the venues suited to your event, once you've had a look-see at their photos and imagined how wonderful your event could be within their walls, it's time to send them an enquiry. 

When you submit an enquiry via Venuemob, the venue receives the following details: 

  • Your name
  • Your event type (birthday, gala dinner, engagement party, etc
  • Attendee numbers + start time
  • Your phone number
  • Any message you choose to add – we recommend specifying what you'd like to receive from the venue, whether it's drink options, menu package details, dietary substitutions, or whether they have scope for a DJ booth. Whatever your event requires!

While you sit back and relax and maybe make yourself a cup of tea, your chosen venues are all  receiving email and SMS notifications of your event details. 

We stress to each of our venue partners that responding within a few hours is vital – so you can expect a phone call or a message from a venue quick smart! 

You're in the best position here, seeing as each of those venues is now competing to lock in your piece of event business. Hello, bargaining power!

Note: our venue partners do not receive your personal email address. To ensure the security of every customer, we require venues to contact you via our platform, Venuemob Manager.

Plus – that means you're able to contact every venue from one central spot. Easy.

You'll receive an email notification when a venue sends you a message. To respond, either reply directly to the email notification, or follow the prompts to respond via Venuemob Manager.

You may also receive a call from the Venuemob Venue Bookings Team. Our Melbourne-based team of event and venue experts are here to help, especially when time is of the essence – and if a venue is taking a little too long to respond. 

Sending a booking request

If the venue has current pricing and availability, and your event meets the minimum spend requirement, you can opt to request to book.

You have the option of browsing the venue's packages on offer and arranging the food and drinks for the get-go, or you can opt to arrange the finer details later. You can also opt for specifics such as AV, entertainment or any other specific requests. To secure your booking, enter your payment details. Your card will not be charged unless the venue accepts your event and details, locking in your booking.

Once the venue receives your booking request, they can accept your booking. At this point, it's locked in! Just like that.

If you're enquiring with multiple venues, you can opt for  the 'pay later' option. In this scenario, venues with receive your request to book and event details, and can send you a quote. You can accept and pay a deposit on this quote, locking in your event. Alternatively, you can reject the quote, stating why,

Any questions about your enquiry, the venues you've contacted, or about the Venuemob process? Just email!

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