Add five or more frequently asked questions to your listing – they convey important information to our community of event planners. PLUS, frequently asked questions improve your content score and increase your visibility.

We recommend adding at least FIVE frequently asked questions. But what should they be?

First, head to the FAQ section of Venuemob Manager. You'll find it in the Venue Listing section of the main menu.

You'll see there are five unanswered FAQs. To complete, click the pen-edit icon, to type your response and press save.

Alternatively, you can add your own custom FAQs. For these, you'll need to write both the question, and the answer – so have a think about the way you'd like each to be phrased. 

We recommend adding any questions that detail YOUR event's unique offerings and whatever restrictions might be involved in booking an event. Any special rules? Any dress code? Every venue is different!

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