Every message you send to a venue via the Venuemob dashboard goes directly to the venue. The venue nominates an enquiry contact, so, when you shoot off a message to your shortlisted venue, rest assured, it's landing in the right inbox. The venue will receive an email notification, including your message, in their email inbox. 

The venue will also have your direct email address.

How do I message the venue then?

For an enquiry, click the Enquire Now button on the listing. The venue will receive your message, plus the details of your upcoming event, as entered by you.

For all subsequent enquiries, you will receive a notification in your email client (be that Gmail, Hotmail etc) to say the venue has responded to your enquiry. You can either log into your Venuemob account to respond there, or you can simply reply to the email directly. Either way, the venue will receive your response.  


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