Similar to other booking platforms, we discourage our venue partners from leading customers off-platform by asking for their personal email. 

When chatting to a customer, do NOT ask them for their direct email address in order to email them off-platform. If you send yours, your email address will be blanked out on the customer end.

Venues that repeatedly ask customers for their direct email address may be penalised, and de-throttled in Venuemob search results. 


We do this in order to ensure the security of our community of event planners. Keeping communication happening on Venuemob Manager means we can maintain marketplace standards. 

Secondly, it's to keep things simple! Venuemob customers generally send event enquiries to at least two venues per event they plan. If one venue is emailing them and the others are communicating via Venuemob Manager, it's adding an irritating step for customers. 

It also means we can accurately monitor venue response times, and reward the venues that respond quickest to customers, and that book the most events. 

Similarly, it means we can swoop in and assist when a customer hasn't received a response from a venue (especially when time is of the essence). 

Can I call the customer?

Yes. We definitely encourage our venue partners to chat through each customer's event on the phone. In fact, make contact on the phone first! It'll greatly improve your chances of booking the event. Just click 'reveal number' to reveal the customer's phone number. 

What if I REALLY don't have time to log into Venuemob Manager? 

You don't have to log in – just follow the prompt on your enquiry email to head straight to Venuemob Manager, no passwords required. 

That said, you do have another option: reply directly to your email notification email to message the customer. The customer will receive it as an email notification and in their Venuemob account, same as if you responded via the platform. 

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