Super Venues – put simply – go above and beyond for Venuemob's community of event planners. 

They're the most responsive, most reliable, and highest-performing venue partners in our marketplace. With perks to match.

Basically, we want to reward our marketplace's top performers for that extra effort they put in. We see these venues going above and beyond on a consistent basis, and it works. They book events, and customers love them.

Super Venues, Super Rewards

  • Super Venues receive a Super Venue badge displayed on their listings, in search results, and in email marketing to customers.
  • Exclusive marketing – along with rotating spots on the Venuemob homepage and search result rankings, you'll receive priority inclusion in our weekly customer EDMs, and on Venuemob social media channels
  • Premium collections – we're always putting together 'Handpicked' Venuemob collections. Super Venues will be included in all suitable lists, and in separate Super Venue lists for each city. 
  • Early access to upcoming product releases and first dibs at hosting #VenuemobVIP events for our corporate client base. 
  • Priority support! You'll shoot to the front of the queue when you contact our support team via or via Venuemob Manager chat.
  • Exclusive corporate leads – Super Venues have access to our contracted corporate planners and the Venuemob Corporate Business Development Team.

What Makes a Super Venue?

100% Complete Venue Listing

Super Venue listings immediately capture the imagination of customers, with high resolution imagery of every space. 

These listings feature everything a customer would need to book: detailed pricing, frequently asked questions, menu PDFs. That means an A+ venue listing content rating

Up to Date Availability

Super Venues update their availability calendars fortnightly. Why? Customers want (and need!) to know from the get-go whether their dream venue is available for their event. Customers use this information to book their events, and we want to reward the venues that provide it. 

Accurate Pricing Data

Customers want pricing certainty – or at least, a fair idea of whether their budget is suitable for their dream venue. Super Venues have accurate and detailed pricing information available for customers. This is either in the form of a price guide, or (ideally) detailed and granular spend requirements.

Respond promptly to customers

We expect Super Venues to maintain a 70% response rate or higher, and an average response time of 40 hours or less. In other words, we expect Super Venues to never leave customers hanging and waiting for a response, and to always respond with A++ customer service. 

Engagement with the platform

Super Venues maintain an event confirmation rate of 80% or higher – they let us know promptly after the event date whether or not that event went ahead. Or, even better, they let us know beforehand! 

This engagement means our team is better able to quickly and seamlessly collaborate on corporate events.

So. How do I become a Super Venue?

Currently, our Super Venue program is invite-only. We're making sure Super Venues are reaping the rewards of this program, and ensuring they're continuing to perform. 

We're monitoring our marketplace statistics, to ensure our next batch of Super Venue invitations are going to the most engaged venues – and to the venues our customers love.

If you think your venue's teetering on the edge of being a Super Venue, we highly encourage you to get in touch with the Venuemob Marketplace team ( to chat through how to make that leap. 

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