Note: space descriptions are currently not live on your listing – we're giving listings a bit of a redesign and a rearrange! 

They'll be back online in the next few weeks, so we definitely still recommend adding descriptions of your function spaces, as it's still incredibly useful content (as detailed below). 

Did you know adding a space description can not only help sell your space to customers, but it can also affect your ranking in Google? 

Venuemob ranks high in Google for most event types, rarely falling to the second page for search results. By adding a carefully crafted space description, you can boost your venue's presence both in Venuemob, and on Google.

Don't just copy + paste a description from your venue's website (this will negatively affect both your venue's website and Venuemob listing in organic search results. Why? Because Google scours for double ups and repeats and penalises pages accordingly.

Do include key search terms used by event planners, such as 'venue hire', 'budget', 'packages'.

Don't pad out your space description with unnecessary information like the standing/seating capacity – that information is right there for the customer to see already.

Do include mention of a few key event types your venue is ideal for. That being said, don't just list off a bunch of event types  – that'll frustrate the customer and, again, Google will penalise your page.

Don't submit your space or venue description multiple times unless it's changed. Once you hit Save – it will be submitted the content team for review and editing for style, grammar and formatting. The same applies for venue description. 

Want to maximise your venue's online presence, be it on Venuemob or social media? We've put together a handy guide to help venues improve their positioning online and maximise those bookings! 

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