Site inspections are one of the most important elements of the event planning process, particularly for large scale events. 

And according to our data, customers who attend a site visit are THREE times more likely to book at that venue.

That's why our venue partners are now able to add site inspection bonuses to incentivise customers to visit their venue in person.

If a customer checks out a venue in person, not only are you (the venue) able to sell to them in person, but they're able to see how unique your venue is with their own eyes. They're able to visualise their event at your venue, which takes you one step closer to booking!

How do I add a site inspection bonus?

Easy. Just log into Venuemob Manager and head to 'Venue Listing' and then to 'Offers'. Along with the option to add a Venuemob-exclusive discount for customers, you'll see a button that allows you to add a site inspection bonus. 

Follow the prompts to add your bonus, as well as a minimum spend for the bonus to take effect (if applicable). 

What kinds of things can I add?

Bonuses can be a free meal or menu tasting, a drink or signature cocktail, or anything else particularly unique to your venue that you can offer during the customer's inspection. (If you want to advertise a percentage discount, you can add an offer).

Site Visit Bonuses are also used by our internal Venue Bookings team to incentivise customers to visit venues in person. 

How do I know I've received a site visit request? 

You'll receive a heads up within your usual Venuemob event enquiry notification email. 

It'll be up to your team to contact the customer to tee up the best time for them to visit your venue.

We also have a small team here to manage site visit requests made through Venuemob for a select group of venues that offer site visit incentives. So we'll follow up, but it's up to you to lock it in!

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