By now hopefully a couple of customers have left you a review.

Customers see reviews as proof that your venue provides a great service – and that their event is going to be successful and enjoyable at your venue. 

In fact, 85% of customers say they consider online reviews extremely/very important when making a purchase

How do customers leave reviews?

Venuemob customers are prompted to leave a review via our post-event confirmation emails. They can also access a review section in their Venuemob account. 

You can also click the copy link button in Venuemob Manager or click the email link button to forward the link to previous clients, prompting them to leave a review. It doesn't have to solely be clients who have booked via Venuemob – we encourage you to prompt all previous clients for reviews.

Customers will be able to give you a star rating out of five, give you specific compliments, and leave a note.

How do I see customer reviews?

Log into Venuemob Manager and head to the reviews section in the left hand column.

Here you can see all your reviews, their comments, and star ratings.

To the top, you can see your venue's overall score, as well as ratings for specific features of your venue: flexibility, price, location, food and beverages, looks and service.

How do I respond to customer reviews?

Beneath each review is a space for you to respond. Type your message, and click send.

Please note – your response will be assessed and approved by a member of our team prior to publication on the site. Reviews must adhere to marketplace rules and standards.

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