Venue partners are now able to send (and amend) event quotes to enquiring customers, and receive deposits directly to a nominated bank account to immediately secure bookings. 

Even though you may have your own pre-existing processes, sending quotes and receiving deposits through Venuemob has a number of great additional benefits. 

Our Venuemob Partner Protection guarantees that you'll avoid pesky processing fees. It will also mean you have Venuemob's buying power (and marketplace) at your fingertips.

No processing fees, ever

Transaction fees can be a proverbial pain in the...back pocket. By receiving event deposits via Venuemob, you can eliminate those fees.

In other words, for a $1,000 event, you could save up to $25 in processing charges. 

Venuemob has the buying power eliminate transaction fees. And we want to make it worth your while to be on our marketplace after all.

Quicker processes mean more bookings and more money for you

The quick quote feature in Venuemob Manager allows customers to request to book immediately, and also for venues to produce these quotes in the one spot. That means you can receive enquiries, communicate with customers and generate quotes in a single section of the portal. 

These aren't leads, they're bookings!

The booking requests that you receive via the online booking flow on Venuemob aren't enquiries. They're people that are ready to book. They're serious about booking, are willing to pay a deposit, and want your best offer NOW. 

Time is of the essence! Always respond as quickly as possible.

Engaged venues get rewarded

Here's a little secret – we know when venues are engaging with the platform. We're able to see via our Venuemob Manager stats which venues are responding the fastest and receiving the most bookings. And more often than not, venues that are engaged with the platform also have great looking content.

And it's these venues that are featured in our EDMs, our socials, and our super-popular Handpicked lists.

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