Won't listing my prices scare customers away? Short answer? The absolute opposite! Customers want to know as much as possible before enquiring for a venue, so they're really only put off by a lack of information

Customers need to trust you if they're going to engage in business with you, meaning that transparency is key, especially when it comes to pricing. 

And, our stats show that pricing is the single biggest factor that will push a customer to convert their thoughts into an enquiry

From large hotels to neighbourhood bars, all venues are different, and pricing varies greatly. While you may know how different venues are priced, customers likely have absolutely no idea. This is why they look for a price threshold when searching for a venue to host their function or event. 

Because we know that every venue is different, we've designed a pricing tool that accommodates a number of price structures. You can list your venue's pricing as a 'minimum spend' or a 'hire fee,' or both. For example, if Sunday to Wednesday is quiet at your venue, our pricing tool allows you to list a lower minimum spend than on Fridays in December. 

Alternatively, if your venue is a blank space that can be hired exclusively, you can list the hire fee and make a note in the 'pricing terms' section about BYO guidelines. 

If you're a little uncomfortable with the prospect of putting all your cards on the table, don't be! Inaccurate or partial pricing data leads to unqualified enquiries, wasting both your time and the customer's. You're much better off receiving 5 qualified, bookable enquiries than 10 that you can't accommodate. 

Give customers certainty of information and the starting point for a conversation! 

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