Because we work with every venue type under the sun, and know that function pricing fluctuates according to a whole host of factors, the Venuemob team have designed a pricing tool to accommodate a number of different pricing structures

You can note your pricing in terms of a 'minimum spend' requirement for functions and events, or a 'hire fee' for a blank space, or you can note both

Whether your pricing structure fluctuates according to the customer's event type, unique requirements or the season of booking, there should be a median or base price that you can work around. 

For example, the function room in your hotel restaurant might have a base minimum spend requirement of $3000 but if the customer wants to hire this exclusive space in December then your minimum spend may increase to $5000. In this case, you can note these two separate prices using the flexible Venuemob Manager pricing tool. 

Once saved, your pricing is not set in stone! You can login and change or update it at any time. And, if you have specific requirements or pricing terms, there's room to note these too. 

Not convinced? Pricing provides customers with a threshold for enquiries, giving them the confidence to convert interest into a direct enquiry. This also means more qualified business for you!

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