Venuemob's availability calendar allows you to mark key dates for specific spaces on your listing as 'booked', or 'available'. Once you mark the status of a particular date, you won't be able to change it back to 'enquire for availability.' 

Why? Because your availability status indicates a level of certainty to customers. Customers want and need to know if your venue will be able to host them at the time of enquiry. 

We have created this feature to help ensure that you ONLY receive enquiries for dates that you can service. If you mark you venue as 'booked' for a specific date that you can't service, you won't receive enquiries. Simple!

What if my venue is available in the daytime, but not at night? 

Our team are busy working on a new availability feature that will allow you to mark a separate availability status for day and nighttime events on the same date. 

In the meantime, if a particular function space at your venue is booked and unavailable in the daytime, but free to take bookings at night, mark the whole date as available. Then, if a customer enquires for a daytime event at your venue, you can explain that the venue is not available in the daytime and offer an alternative date. 

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