Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most frequent questions we receive from venue partners. There are a few different ways to ensure you're visible, which we'll cover here.

At Venuemob, there are a number of different contributing factors that dictate where your venue sits in search results. These include: content quality and completeness, availability, pricing, response time and any other offers you may have on your listing. 

The good news is – all of these factors are controlled by you

The more engaged with the platform, the higher you'll rank, and the more visible your venue will be. 

First: Content

You control all the content on your listing. From images, to capacities, PDFs to FAQs. And you know what? The more complete your listing is, the higher you'll be ranked in search results. 

To push your venue towards 100% completeness, you need to have multiple images for each space, a venue description, at least one PDF attachment, at least five FAQs, facilities and tags for each space, and min spend/pricing information

Next: Update your availability

Signal to customers whether your spaces are free and ready to book, or unavailable.

The higher your availability score, the better.

Super keen? Add an offer

Venues with offers appear higher in search results, and are also featured in customer EDMs. Nice.

And always, respond quickly

Respond in less than 24hr to maximise your chance of securing a booking.

Venues with a high response rate (ensuring EVERY customer is responded to), and a quick response time (each response is QUICK), you'll be much more visible in search results.

Once you ensure your listing has all of those elements complete and live, you'll vastly increase your visibility. 

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