This will be relevant to your venue if: 

  • a) You have received a booking request and you've responded with a Venuemob Quote via Manager, with your bank details.
  • b) You have received a regular event enquiry, and you've responded with a quote, complete with deposit required and your bank account details.

If a customer has pre-authorised the payment of their deposit via Venuemob, all that’s needed is for you to press ‘accept’ for their payment to be transferred to you. 

Venuemob will transfer the deposit amount to your nominated bank account immediately. Allow for one to two business days for settlement. 

Since Venuemob is processing the deposit, there are NO card processing fees for the customer or to you, the venue. Guaranteed.

If you’ve sent the customer an updated quote, they customer will be able to pay a deposit via the link included in that quote. Again, it will be transferred to your nominated bank account immediately. 

If you have any questions, please email

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